Monday, April 7, 2014


My goodness I haven't posted in forever! It has been a crazy past couple of months. Anyways...I will try to catch you all up on the little man.

Ollie has had a quiet few months mainly because of the flu season. I'm sure our neighbors think we are vampires since we never leave the house! We are getting out of the house on nice, warm days and going for a much needed walk. However, Ollie absolutely hates being outside. It is sensory overload for him and honestly, I can't blame him...I would be totally freaked out! 

Ollie is a whopping 10 and a half pounds. We have started adding gelatin to his blended diet and finally started to see progress in his weight. Do not be fooled by this tiny, little man because he is actually the real life version of Mighty Mouse! I'm still amazed by the blended diet...I will forever be a HUGE advocate! I have taught seven parents of tubies the blended diet and all of them stated they saw tremendous improvements! Winning!!!

Ollie has been working his booty off in his therapies. He can officially roll side to side and almost to his belly, but he absolutely despises being on his belly. His head control is strengthening. The bumbo seat is being used daily though Ollie has his own version of sitting in it...silly, crazy boy!  

Few weeks ago, Ollie had a sleep study. One word...torture! I thought this non-invasive test would be a cake walk compared to everything else the little guy had endured. Boy was I wrong! I'm pretty sure he is never going to let me live it down that I put him through it. Anyways, the results were not good. Ollie has severe obstructive apnea with a critical airway. Doctors saw him immediately and we all agreed that the best solution would be a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy with laser supraglottoplasty. While he is under anesthesia, he will have tubes placed in his ears because of chronic fluid issues and he will have his whole airway assessed.  The surgery is this coming Monday (April 14). We are asking everyone to please keep him in your prayers. On Monday we would love for you to support Ollie by wearing lime green/blue and to rock your Ollie band!

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