Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Year!

Well now that the holidays are done and gone it is time to start a new year. A year filled with much happiness, love, and little less stress I hope! I look back on the past 11 months and nothing seems real. For in the heck is Ollie 11 months old?!? I have no idea where this year has gone and though Mr. Ollie may not look like he is almost a year old, I can kind of say that I have enjoyed having the baby stage extended. For now, I will adore my extra snuggles for soon enough I will be chasing around his wiggly buns! 

Let's see what is new in the life of Ollie:
Ollie received his BAHA! This is his bone conductive hearing device. I must say that this little handy device is pretty neat. I put the BAHA on and plugged my ears with my fingers then I traveled to another area of our house and I could clearly hear Jason's conversation while he was on his phone! My favorite part about Ollie having the device is seeing him react to things he has never heard because of his hearing loss. He cracked the biggest smile when he heard the tags jingle on Baby's (our fur-child/Ollie's guardian) for the first time. 

Since the lovely flu season has decided to drop in on us, we have kept Ollie's doctors visits to a minimum. The less exposure lessens our risk. We have many visits to catch up on, but I have sincerely enjoyed a break from constant weekly appoinments. The little mister is busy enough with his physical therapy and occupational therapy. OT and PT have been working with Ollie on stretching, holding his head up, leg extensions, sitting, and much more. Every therapy is an achievement in my book! 

Now for the ugly news...
Ollie's spine is in pretty bad shape. He has "s" shaped scoliosis. We are being referred into Pediactric Orthopedics to begin our adventures down this road. Right now, Ollie is in a tremendous amount of pain when he is placed in a supported sitting position. I want so badly for him to sit and play with his older brother, but that is not what is in his best interest at the moment. We know we will be walking a thin line when it comes to treatment because of Ollie's heart defects. 

Owen celebrated his 3rd birthday on December 8th! Excuse me while I down a bottle of wine because I am a mother of a 3 year old...yikes or in my Pap's words "God free daniels!" We had an absolutely phenomenal cake provided by Icing Smiles. They're are nonprofit that provides cakes to medically needy children and their siblings. It was such a burden lifted off my shoulders not having to worry about making sure Owen had a cake especially since I didn't know if we would end up in the hospital. If you are ever looking for a place to donate please consider Icing Smiles! A huge thank you to Melissa from Sweet Lillies for donating this delicious, awesome cake to Owen! She nailed Owen's request for a Disney Planes and Cars cake!

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