Saturday, June 8, 2013

In the dark there is light...

The crazy week is coming to an end...
We wrapped up our week of appointments with Opthalmology. I was hoping to find out as many answers to questions regarding Ollie's possibility of vision.

Jason and I have been working with Ollie the past few weeks on tracking objects
and getting him to reach for items, but we didn't have any success yet our hopes were still high. We've been hoping and praying for Ollie's vision especially since this was the only issue that can't be fixed or improved.

After they dilated his eyes and had thorough examination....we were told our beautiful son is blind. In his left eye there isn't even a reaction to light, but in the right there is a reaction. The doctor said Ollie will only be able to see light out of the right eye, but that is the extent of his vision. This is a tough pill to swallow...

Jason said to me a little after we heard the news,"You know, I still feel blessed." He is 100% right! We are still blessed... I have my child here to snuggle and love on while others to do not even have this opportunity. I'm not saying everyday is a good day, but I try to remain hopeful and thankful for what we do have. This will be a whole new journey for us as a family. We will have a new "normal" and that's ok! Everyday, I will learn something new to benefit Ollie and provide him with endless opportunities.

I just want to add how amazing Owen has been through the crazy past 4 months. He truly loves his baby "butter"! He always kisses him goodnight and makes sure he is covered with his blanket. I'm always reminding him that we love him so much and try to give him as much possible attention as I can. I am one blessed mommy with two super boys...wait I should probably add the hubby in so I guess I have 3 super boys! :)

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