Thursday, June 6, 2013

Calling all ears!

Yesterday, Ollie had an in depth hearing evaluation because he never passed the newborn hearing screen for his left ear. For awhile now, I have felt like he is deaf in his left ear, but I was definitely positive he could hear from his right ear. The test and an Audiologist confirmed what we were already thinking. I know the Audiologist was surprised that we took the news so well, but I know Jason and I had already braced ourselves for the official findings. I am just truly blessed that Ollie can hear me say, "I love you" and for me that is all I need to know. Through extensive testing, we have learned that a hearing aid would not benefit him and instead he will need some type of bone-anchored hearing device such as BAHA. There is a specialist at Riley for these devices and we will be meeting with him to decide what is best for Ollie. We want to provide with the best solution and help him in any way for his development.
As time goes on, I feeling more and more blessed for the little things...Thank you, God for letting our precious boy hear our voices! I think about how fortunate I am and how many things I have taken for has taken this amazing, little boy to show me what life is all about. As a family...we CHARGE on!!!

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  1. Hey Kaleigh,

    I saw this on Pinterest and I wasn't sure if Ollie could benefit from it, but for whatever reason I thought of him instantly when I saw it. So, if it's of no benefit just ignore it... but I had to pass it on!