Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pop goes the g-tube...

Well Ollie decided he needed to visit his second home last night. Jason and I were just chatting away when Ollie decided it was necessary for him to wrap his little monkey toes around his g-tube and yank it out! Can you say...OUCH!!! Jason and I heard a loud pop and just knew that he pulled it out...ugh! I quickly washed up and grabbed the replacement kit, but of course the dang replacement tube wouldn't go in, so I placed a smaller temporary tube until we could make into the ER. Once we were down there, the doctor tried to place another g-tube and he was unsuccessful, which honestly made me feel better because I didn't look like an idiot when I told the doctor that the tube wouldn't go back in. They dilated Ollie's stomach to stretch it back out to put a new tube in. Once they did that we were golden! I'm sure it wasn't pleasant for Ollie, but he was a trooper as always!

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