Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My little superhero!

I will admit, I had fully accepted the issues going on with Ollie's heart, but I was not prepared to hear everything else....

The NICU team told us Ollie had coloboma of the iris in both of his eyes. Ollie has what looks like black key holes that go from the pupil all the way down through the iris. I tell him everyday that only superhero babies are born with these super cool looking eyes! :)

Later that day, opthalmology came to examine Ollie's eyes. The news was in...Ollie has clefts in his eyes where the eye didn't finish forming completely. As of right now, we know he will suffer from some vision issues, but to the extent is something we are unsure of. I can remember asking the the ophthalmologist, "So what is the potential for his eyesight....are you saying he could be blind?" We won't know the answer for awhile...

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